About Us

PT. Careguard Jasa Indonesia is a national security company engaged in Outsourcing Services and thanks to the expertise in Personnel Management, Accountable and Corporate Credibility, we are ready to implement and serve Customers in protecting assets, responding to changing needs, and increasing cost effectiveness with a mix of aspects social and cultural. Our security system is more Social and Cultural nuanced in accordance with the culture of the Indonesian nation and uphold the interests of Customers in compliance with our motto "Security Service - Guard with Heart".


Managing the system involves working with people to encourage participation and improve organizational performance. Participative management and teamwork are an essential part of successful operations, as are leadership, training, and employee loyalty.  

Recruitment & Training

Success in employee recruitment system is a starting point toward a well performing organization. While training is vital to business success.  

Corporate Social Responsibility

There have been increased demands from employees, customers and government bodies for businesses to be more open about their activities and to reach, and maintain, acceptable standards in their business practice. At Careguard, we start our CSR programs such as developing relationships with employees and customers (during Ramadhan Break Fasting and give donations for children to help them in terms of tuition, books, etc), working in partnership with local communities surrounding our head Office and branches,  activities during Idul Adha (distribution of sacrifice meat, etc). Our aim is to ensure that we conduct our business in a way that is ethical. This means taking into account of their social, economic and environmental impact, and consideration of human rights. For Careguard, CSR is now seen as an important way to increase competitive advantage, protect and raise brand awareness and build trust with customers and employees.      

PT. Careguard Jasa Indonesia

Perkantoran Grogol Permai Blok G No.21
Jl. Prof. Latumenten Raya, Jakarta Barat 11460
Telp. (021)566.9290 Fax. (021)5694.1949


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